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Demystifying Pad Printing

A Precise Technique for Your Promotional Products

In the ever-evolving world of promotional products, All Branded Group takes pride in offering a wide array of printing techniques and finishes to help your brand truly shine. One of these techniques, often underappreciated but incredibly versatile, is pad printing.

So let's strip it back a bit and demystify the process. Shedding light on when and why this method is an incredible choice for enhancing your enhancing your promotional items.

Understanding Pad Printing

Pad printing, also known as tampography, is a printing process that involves transferring ink from a silicone pad onto the surface of an object. It's a print method that excels at reproducing fine details, intricate designs, and vibrant colours on a variety of materials. Making it a versatile choice for customizing promotional products with precision.

Pad Printing Machine

When to Choose Pad Printing?

Pad printing is particularly suitable when you require:

  1. Detailed Artwork: If your wanting your promotional item to feature intricate logos, text, or graphics, pad printing is the way to go! It allows for precise reproduction of small details that other printing methods might struggle with. Crisp and clean, pad printing delivers a brilliant finish that will allow your brand to be seen in the right light.

  2. Irregular Surfaces: Promotional products come in all shapes and sizes, which can cause issues for some printing methods... Pad printing however, can adapt to curved or uneven surfaces, ensuring your branding looks flawless on any product. Down to the tiniest detail!

  3.  Multiple Colours: A versatile print method, pad printing can handle multiple ink colours as well as it handles the details. This makes it an excellent choice for vibrant and eye-catching designs.

    Printcolor 700 series pad printing inks are available in a standard Mixing System (MS) for matching Pantone (PMS) HKS and RAL colours, as well as supplementary ranges including process colour, high density colour, clear lack, metallic, fluorescent and special effects inks.

  4. Durability: The ink used in pad printing bonds effectively with the surface of the promotional product. This strong adhesion ensures that your logo or design won't chip, peel, or flake off over time. Highly resistant to wear and tear,  this ink/process ensures your branding stays sharp and clear even with frequent use. Making a lasting impression on your customers for years to come.


Products Perfect for Pad Printing

Now that you understand a bit more about the benefits and process of pad printing, let's explore the types of promotional products that benefit most from this technique:

  • Pens: Metal, plastic, or wooden, pad printing brings your logo to life on the sleek body of a pen. With it's ability to replicate the finest of details, the smaller size and awkward curve of a pen is no match for this process!

  • Drinkware: Whether it's a coffee mug, sports bottle, or wine glass, pad printing ensures your logo is front and center on your customers' favourite drinkware. Whether in full colour or a single tone, you can feel confident that pad printing will handle the surface of your drinkware with ease, while remaining intact for years to come. 

  • Technology: From power banks to headphones, pad printing adds a professional touch to tech gadgets. Pad printing ink can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for electronics and gadgets that may be exposed to both hot and cold conditions without compromising the print quality. 

  • Keychains: Ensure your brand is always at hand with custom keychains. Renown for it's durability, pad printing ink doesn't easily scratch, fade, or rub off, ensuring that your branding remains prominent and intact for an extended period. Perfect for those items that tend to be tossed around in a bag.

  • Stress Balls: Pad printing transforms stress balls into miniature billboards for your brand. With it's impressive ability to print on odd or curved shapes, combined with it's lasting print - pad printing is highly suited to the promotional favourite known as stress balls.

At All Branded Group, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality pad printing services for these and many other promotional products. We understand the importance of making your brand stand out, and pad printing is just one of the tools we have at our disposal to achieve that goal.


See Pad Printing in Action!

Still curious about how pad printing works? Check out our short video clip below showcasing the precise pad printing process on a metal pen. Witness the transformation as your branding comes to life with exceptional clarity and detail.

Pad printing is a remarkable technique for adding that extra touch of detail to your promotional products. Whether you need to imprint intricate designs on pens, drinkware, electronics, or other items, pad printing is a reliable choice.

At All Branded Group, we're here to help you make your brand shine, and pad printing is just one of the many ways we can bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your promotional product needs, and let's start creating something extraordinary together!