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A Weekend Activation Success

Transforming Roselands Mystery Boxes with Custom Craftsmanship

In the fast-paced world of event activations, timing and precision are often crucial to delivering exceptional results. Our recent collaboration with The Event Space is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to turn around unique challenges with creativity and efficiency. This case study dives into the details of a weekend activation where we played a pivotal role in enhancing the mystery boxes needed for The Event Space client, Roselands.


The Challenge:

The Event Space approached us on a Friday with a special request for some branded bags for their event mystery boxes. The catch? The small bags desired would need our attention, as the standard ribbons provided didn't quite meet the requirements. With the boxes scheduled to be delivered on Monday, we had a tight timeline to address these modifications.

The Solution:

Friday afternoon marked the beginning of our swift and focused collaboration with The Event Space. Recognising the need for customisation, our team immediately set to work, modifying the height of the ribbons to ensure a perfect fit for the mystery boxes. This attention to detail was crucial in elevating the overall presentation and ensuring that the small bags within the boxes aligned seamlessly with the client's vision.


The Execution:

With a clear understanding of the client's expectations, our team worked tirelessly over the weekend. The commitment to delivering high-quality results fueled our efforts, as we fine-tuned each element. From adjusting ribbon heights to ensuring the bags were flawlessly branded, every detail was carefully considered.

The Outcome:

Despite the time constraints, our team successfully hit the target. The customized bags, carefully adjusted ribbons, and overall presentation reflected the dedication and craftsmanship synonymous with our brand and that of the incredible work that The Event Space is renowned for. The completed activation was delivered on Monday, leaving both our team and the client delighted with the outcome.

This successful collaboration reinforced our reputation for reliability and creativity in the event activation space and we thank The Event Space for the great opportunity to put our skills to the test! We take pride in our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver outstanding results even under tight timelines, and we are grateful our clients can put their trust in us. 


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